DMPD 2015

DMPD 2015 -  September 12, 2015

After two years DMPD Show at the ENKA Factory, we had to look for a new location. We were afraid that we never could find a place again that gets us the same special feeling as the ENKA Factory did.... But we did !


We found a really beautifull place for the DMPD 2015 event at the former Bundeswehr Depot near Itterbeck, Germany. It is located in the middle of nature, quite surroundings, a really special feeling once you get inspired by the history and atmosphere of this place.


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The main show is saturday september 12, 2015.


!!!!!!!!  SELECTION  DMPD 2015 = CLOSED  !!!!!!!!


>> Please take a note of our 2012/2013/2014 events for selection in style and cars.  It's not related to budget or brand, but about the same styling in modifications and stance. Please consider before you apply for this area.

Beside this small selected area, we have another large part of the showground for the event offcourse! We are not looking to offend or turn down people on selection, but we really ask to look after the right fits of your ride when appyling the form. If rejected for the selected area, as we have limited places, for sure welcome to visit DMPD 2015!

Practical information

Location :
Itterbeck (Germany) near the Dutch border (Hardenberg)
Ticket info: 10€ pp