RingGarage x DMPD

We can't deny it.... we are in love with the Nürburgring. So, that's why you can find us some days during the season at RingGarage.

Last weekend Jon Olssen joined RingGarage for some driving experience with the DMPD styled Porsche Cayman. Full report on his website:





DMPD Finest 2014 – WanganWarriors

"As you well know DMPD is all about a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere with no active program or schedule to follow. It's your day and you can do whatever you want. Do you want to shoot cars back to back? That's fine. Do you want to have a beer and sit in the sun? That's fine too. The great thing about it while you're doing that is that you're completely surrounded by some of the finest rides this continent has to offer. Every time I was walking around I'd come aceross groups of people relaxing in the sun and just enjoying the moment. It's nice to witness such a good vibe and know there is no envy amongst each other. It's just the DMPD feeling."

Read more on the WanganWarriors website:

DMPD Finest - From ghost town to paradise

DMPD Finest - A perfect weekend

Aaron's delightful EK4

Dare to be different: Murat's Mazda RX7 FD

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